Kaley Cuoco’s new movie adds Wonder Woman star

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Wonder Woman star Connie Nielsen will appear in upcoming thriller Role Play, led by The Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco.



Nielsen, known for playing Queen Hippolyta in the Wonder Woman saga and Justice League, and Cuoco will star opposite Selma’s David Oyelowo as well as Love Actually’s Bill Nighy, who has been cast to replace Billy Bob Thornton (via Deadline).



Directed by Reacher’s Thomas Vincent, the film follows a young married couple (Cuoco and Oyelowo) who dig into each other’s pasts. As suspicions grow, their marital bliss is upended by the mysterious Bob, played by Nighy.Cuoco, who also serves as producer, will portray a mother for the first time on the movie.



Earlier this month, she posted a sweet behind-the-scenes snap from the set in Berlin, introducing the young actress who plays her daughter.



Cuoco has also recently got an Emmy nod for her portrayal of Cassie Bowden in The Flight Attendant, which premiered its second season in April this year.This new chapter sees Cassie battling her alcohol addiction while working as a human asset for the CIA.



As the protagonist struggles with sobriety, she visualises her inner conflicts in a place similar to the “mind palace” where she talked to dead Alex in season one. There, Cassie has to interact with multiple versions of herself to grow and find out who wants to frame and possibly kill her.



“No, it was a wild experience. A lot of times, there were a lot of weeks where I was basically working against myself and a lot of my body doubles,” Cuoco shared. “It was a really weird experience. I’ve never done anything like that before.”



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