Jennifer Aniston Opens Up About Life, Business And Her LolaVie Haircare Line, Thanks Her ‘Gorgeous Fanbase’

When Jennifer Aniston Let Her N*pples Poke Out In A Stunning Silk Gown, Making Us All Bow Down To The Queen!

If I were to mention the words “celebrity” and “hair” in the same sentence, I feel it is pretty much a no-brainer that you would think of Jennifer Aniston first.

Who else has ever had such a trendsetting hairstyle inspired from their own on-screen look? Of course, I am referring to “The Rachel” ‘90s haircut, made famous from Aniston’s Rachel Green character on the forever-popular sitcom Friends.

Today, the actress and leading entrepreneur continues to prioritize maintaining quality hair, as she celebrates the one year anniversary of her expanding LolaVie haircare line.What began with debuting LolaVie’s glossing detangler and perfecting leave-in products to the public first on September 8, 2021, Aniston, alongside her co-founders Joel Ronkin and Amy Sachs, also recently introduced a LolaVie lightweight hair oil.

I spoke with this collaborative trio about the feedback they have received from their supporters since launching just one year ago.Well, we’ve had such an incredible reaction from our consumers, so that’s probably the most satisfying,” Aniston tells me.

“We won eight beauty awards and we had multiple five-star reviews and it just feels that the work we put into this product and the time we took, all of these products, has paid off. We have a lot of return consumers that keep coming back for more.

I have girlfriends that want our bottles to be bigger because they go through them so fast because they’re using them on their hair and their kids’ hair.

We’ve had an incredible response and it was worth every second of it!”


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