Jennifer Aniston on Cutting Her Own Hair, The Morning Show, and Protein Bars

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Joining us from her pristine, warmly lit California living room that’s a mix of modern and off-white furniture, with amazing hair, Jennifer Aniston is ready to answer all of our burning questions, including dispelling a certain salad rumor.


“It’s just so funny how something like that has legs,” she says, almost in disbelief, over the Zoom call. With her very cute dog (which is apparently one of three dogs she has, likely her most recent rescue Lord Chesterfield) wandering around in the back of our Zoom, she tells me that up next she has another season of The Morning Show and a sequel to the Netflix comedy Murder Mystery with Adam Sandler. But today,


Aniston is on a press tour talking about her new protein bars with Vital Proteins, so we thought it was a great time to ask her about wellness and how she gets her hair so shiny.Let’s just get this out of the way. I don’t know if you know about this, but it’s very big on TikTok: The first thing it says when you search your name is “Jennifer Aniston salad,” and they claim you ate the salad every day for ten years. It was bulgur, cucumbers, parsley, mint, red onion, garbanzo beans, and a couple other ingredients. Is this a go-to salad? Do you have other favorites now? Is there any truth to this salad rumor?



So sad to break it to you: There’s no truth to that particular salad, but it sounds delicious. It actually reminds me of a salad that I had many years ago that my girl made for me, but it had quinoa. It wasn’t bulgur. It was not what I had on Friends. That was a chopped salad that was not as exciting as the salad recipe you just read to me. But I’m very excited to actually try that specific one because there’s stuff in there I’ve never actually tried. Now I’m gonna do a TikTok and break it to people. I’ll create my own. I should really start my own and say, “This is what the real deal is.” You also can put the collagen powder into a salad dressing, just a nice little pro tip.



Okay, not true. So what’s your self-care routine like?


Wake up, meditation, walk the dogs, feed the dogs, make coffee, a workout, and then usually slide right into the day. Mentally, I think for all of me, especially the last few years, my meditation practice has been a key to my daily activities. Sometimes I have guided meditations.



I have an app or I have a couple of apps that I love because sometimes I do want a guided meditation, but I also have a mantra that I received about 11 years ago. I do that as well, though usually with music. Sometimes I just completely sit in the quiet outside and listen to the birds.


What was the process like of creating the protein bars with Vital Proteins?

Taste test, taste test, taste test, trying ingredients being very important. The original bars that they had that I tasted were a little on the chewy side, they were a little on the large side. I’m such a protein-bar person because it’s so great for me, you’re on the go or you’re in your car and you’re driving all over the place.



Are there any other superfoods you like or things that are essential to your wellness/beauty routines?

I put maca powder in my shake. People say coffee or matcha, and I’m definitely coffee. Cinnamon, fruits, spinach, all of those delicious things that are essential just for your day. Proper balance, though. It’s all about balance, isn’t it?



You’ve played such an iconic character that people know and love; are there any characters you watched on TV you would have loved to play?



Mary Tyler Moore. I love her, she was incredible. Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter. I wanted to be Wonder Woman. I also wanted to be on The Hardy Boys. I love Mary Tyler Moore and then Rhoda. Jesus, I’m aging myself.



Your hair is so well-known, and now you have your own hair-care line, LolaVie. Is there a hairstyle or color you’ve wanted to try but have been afraid to do?



I got that out of my system in high school. I did the boysenberry purple, which then turned into this awful copper-red color over time. I would do it myself. Then I cut my hair really short and I shaved it on the sides. I do not have a face for any of that. I just stick with what works; if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it. This summer, I’m leaning into my curls.



What was it like stepping into a dramatic role for The Morning Show?

It was wonderful. I loved it. I think it was the right time, the right show at the right time, and I was ready for it. I loved exploring the layers of this character and figuring out who she was, who she is. It’s very cathartic also to play, to go into a part that’s complicated. I really felt invigorated. We’re starting another season in two and a half months.



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