Jason Kelce is in a HUGE Royal Trouble! – Travis Kelce horrified as Jason insulted Royal Family days before meeting and says “f*** kings.” – Travis was trying to signal his brother Jason but he couldn’t stop in the Video… Royal Family break silence

Travis and Jason Kelce on New Heights


“Listen, we’re Americans. We don’t do royalty. So, f*** kings.”


Travis Kelce on New Heights

Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce are not the type of guys to sensor or hold back their true thoughts on their New Heights podcast. It’s a big reason why it’s become the most popular sports podcast on the planet – and Travis’ relationship with Taylor Swift certainly doesn’t hurt. But sometimes, their overzealous opinions get them into a little bit of trouble.

Jason Kelce on New Heights

This weekend, Travis Kelce got the chance to meet a few members of the British Royal Family when he attended one of his girlfriend’s concerts in London. Before the concert, Travis got to meet Prince William and his children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

But just days before meeting the Royal Family and taking that photograph, Travis had to do a little bit of crisis management during their podcast when his brother decided to insult the very concept of royalty.

During last week’s episode of the New Heights podcast, the pair were discussing a Father’s Day tradition in Thailand in which fathers and kings are honored by the children kneeling at their feet. Additionally, the tradition involves families participating in community service to honor the king’s kindness and generosity.

While Jason was a fan of the portion of the tradition honoring fathers – as a father himself – he was not quite as keen on honoring the kings, as an American.

As Jason expressed his disdain for royalty, Travis had a horrified expression as he gestured to his brother to move along to a different subject, knowing that he was set to meet the British Royal Family in just a few days. He then tried his best to salvage the situation.

“Not ‘f*** kings,’” Travis clarified. “But just not into it.”

It’s not clear whether Jason simply forgot that his brother was set to meet the British Royal Family a few days later or if he did know and was just trying to make Travis uncomfortable. In either case, it would have been perfectly on-brand for their relationship.