Jason Kelce headlines celebrity bartending event at Jersey Shore, meets young fans along the way

Jason Kelce Bartending for a good cause


The event at Ocean Drive runs from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. and raises money for the Eagles Autism Foundation.


Jason Kelce Bartending for a good cause

SEA ISLE CITY, New Jersey (WPVI) — Jason Kelce, the recently retired Philadelphia Eagle, led the team to a win off the field Wednesday night with an epic fundraiser.

Kelce went from snapping footballs to slinging drinks at the Jersey Shore to raise money for the Eagles Autism Foundation.

The Eagles legend continued a tradition, taking on the role of celebrity bartender at Ocean Drive in Sea Isle City, New Jersey.

Current Eagles players also served up drinks to enthusiastic fans.

Day one of the Team 62 fundraiser kicked off with a huge crowd excited to support the effort and meet some of their favorite players.

Eagles O-Lineman Lane Dickerson was one of the celebrity bartenders supporting the event.

“Just the amount of support out here, the fans, everything going on – it’s just tremendous to see this,” Dickerson said.

The atmosphere reached a new level of excitement, however, when Jason and Kylie Kelce arrived.

“We absolutely love it, I mean it’s just the best to see that sort of sea of green. It’s just everyone together and who doesn’t love that?” Kylie Kelce told Action News.

The Kelces stopped to sign autographs before the retired Eagle moved over to the Ocean Driver’s bar and started mixing up drinks.

Even with hundreds of people trying to grab his attention, the football icon stopped to spend some time with a young fan, Gabriel Conte.

“Can you go high five? A pound? Yeah, all right Gabriel,” Kelce said.

He also spent some time with Benjamin Zikas, who like Conte, is on the spectrum.

Kelce says that’s what events like these are all about.

“These personal interactions, especially with the kids that are on the spectrum, kids that need the support and the assistance, really reinforces what we’re all here for,” Kelce told Action News.

Zikas’ mom said she hopes Kelce knows what this means for her and her family.

“That moment was incredible because he’s so kind, and real, and generous, and just the everyday dad,” said Cathy Zikas.

VIP tickets to the festivities were sold out, but guests got a chance to wait in line and pay a $10 donation on a first-come, first-served basis.

“I feel a little bit sorry that I’m not going to be able to get to everyone, I’m trying to, but they love you anyway, man,” Kelce noted.

Kelce’s annual celebrity bartending event has raised over $630,000 for the Eagles Autism Foundation since 2021.