Jason Kelce Gives a Preview of the Dad Voice He Uses When Disciplining His Girls: ‘I Mean Business’


The Philadelphia Eagles center shares his three daughters with wife Kylie Kelce.


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While speaking with his brother Travis Kelce, 34, and his mom Donna Kelce, 71, on a holiday episode of his podcast New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce, the Philadelphia Eagles center, 36, was asked by his brother who spoils his girls more — Jason or Donna.
“Oh man. That’s close. I would assume it would have to be Jason because he’s here most of the time,” the Kelce family matriarch answered.

You don’t, but you’re very kind and you’re very gentle. You know, you keep them in line. All it takes from you is just your voice and they stop,” Donna noted, with Travis piping in, “That’s the Ed Kelce way.”

Adding that he’s not a screamer, Donna said, “It’s more like a voice.”

“Hey! Cut it out,” Travis joked, putting on a deep voice.

Laughing, Jason brought up a similar situation that happened a few nights prior.

“I’m not even making this story up. We were in their bedroom last night, or a couple nights ago actually and I’m trying to get them to go to bed,” he began.

“And I just keep going like this, ‘Hey. hey,'” the girl dad said, speaking in a gruff voice.

“And Wyatt’s like, ‘Dad? Dad? Why do you go like this?’ ” Jason recalled as he stared directly into the camera, unblinking. “And I’m like, ‘It’s because I mean business. I’m not playing around