“If only people knew what pizza means to celebrities” – Taylor Swift gets massive pizza delivery mid-show as fans praise ‘humble’ star for being honest about it

Taylor Swift orders pizza


Sharing a video of a fast-food delivery being delivered to the stage, one person on X said: “Why is this so funny? She is just a girl.” Another fan then praised: “Again….tay takes care of people…she is humble and kind…….and caring.”


Taylor Swift orders pizza

Someone else added: “I saw this happening in Lisbon as well. I saw the crew eating it. The guys who film her and manage which camera shows on the big screen were passing it around.”

While a fourth said: “Taylor Swift getting Dominos delivered to her mid-show is so funny to me like I love her.” And another added: “Taylor Swift ordered a dominos to Murrayfield.”

Taylor has just wrapped up three sold-out nights at Anfield in Liverpool, with the hitmaker now due to have a short rest before heading out on stage again, but this time in Cardiff. After her show in Wales, Taylor will then have another couple of days off before heading to London for three nights at Wembley Arena.

While Taylor was in Scotland, she is reported to have hired Greggs to cater for her crew, with a truck arriving at the stadium while she was there