If I am not the Worst Coach Ever, Wish me a Happy Father’s day

Andy Reid


Patrick Mahomes embarks on his eighth NFL season, his seventh as the starting quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs, he has his sights set on an unprecedented third consecutive Super Bowl title.


Andy Reid

The defending champions concluded their mandatory minicamp at the team facility yesterday and the offense looks scarier than last season.

Following the final day of minicamp, Mahomes addressed the media, discussing his ongoing learning process even at this stage of his career. Despite his comfort and confidence, Mahomes acknowledged that head coach Andy Reid and defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo continually push him to the limit so he can improve. Spagnuolo, who has been with the Chiefs for five seasons, is well-known for his role in denying Tom Brady’s perfect season in 2007 when he coordinated the defense for the New York Giants’ Super Bowl victory.

Yeah, I think this is probably the most comfortable I’ve felt in terms of not letting anything affect me,” Mahomes said. “Going against Spags, you’re not going to be right 100% of the time. There have been times where I’ve lost on blitzes, and Spags catches me with a new pressure he’s working on.” He also mentioned Reid’s unique approach to coaching, stating, “Coach Reid has gone back to my old days, forcing me to push the ball down the field. If I don’t, he throws little jabs at me like, ‘Oh, you want to throw the check-down here.’ And I’m just like, ‘I got you, Coach.’

Mahomes’ accolades already make him a strong candidate for the Hall of Fame. With three Super Bowl won, two MVP awards, and three Super Bowl MVPs in just six seasons as a starter, his statistics are among the best for any player in their first six seasons. However, Chiefs fans understand that Mahomes’ success is also a testament to the crucial role of Andy Reid and his coaching staff. Their efforts to enhance Mahomes’ skills and strategies have been instrumental in the team’s achievements. A well-coached team amplifies individual talent, pushing players to reach greater heights.