“I should be dead by now” Venus and Serena Williams’ dad reveals


“King Richard” Williams candidly admits he should have been dead by now in the captivating trailer for his upcoming documentary. The film explores his life before his daughters, Serena and Venus, rose to greatness in tennis.”On The Line: The Richard Williams Story” which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival last year, continues to garner rave reviews at exclusive events ahead of its delayed public release. The documentary promises an “emotional reckoning” with unaired interviews spanning the 1980s to the present day.


"I should be dead by now" Venus and Serena Williams' dad reveals

Richard retraces his journey from the poverty-stricken streets of Shreveport, Louisiana, to the prestigious grass courts of Wimbledon. The film portrays his unwavering fight against systemic oppression and racial violence, challenging the established norms of tennis and forever altering the sport.The documentary, set to premiere at the Sheffield DocFest in England on June 17-19, offers a glimpse into Richard’s life through archive footage. Richard reflects on coaching his daughters from a young age, hoping to live through them and achieve financial success.Director Stuart McClave praises Richard’s resilience and commitment to his vision. Richard’s unwavering belief in Venus and Serena’s potential drove him to break down class and privilege barriers in a predominantly white and affluent sport.Documentary showcases early Williams’ life



"I should be dead by now" Venus and Serena Williams' dad reveals

Narrated primarily by Richard himself, the documentary showcases the family’s move to Compton, California. Home movies reveal Serena and Venus as young children honing their tennis skills. The trailer also highlights significant moments, such as Serena facing boos from an American crowd at Indian Wells in 2001. Richard defiantly waves his fist at critics, standing firm in the face of adversity.”On The Line” delves into Richard’s extraordinary journey and his role as a visionary father and coach. It explores the challenges he faced growing up in the deep south and how those experiences shaped him. With involvement from Richard’s son, Chavoita LeSane, the documentary promises to reveal Richard’s untold story, showcasing the strength and determination that propelled his daughters to become global sports icons.As anticipation builds and viewers are left in awe, fans eagerly await the full release of “On The Line” to witness the remarkable tale of the Williams family.


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