“I love her so much” Travis kelce speak out, how much he feel for Taylor Swift. “Does Celebrities feel Real love also”?

Not for your own relationship. (That’s a question for another column.) But as an outsider looking at a couple, is it possible to discern real love just by looking at how they interact?For Venus Cuffs, a nightlife producer and former dominatrix, the couple’s love is undeniable.



Fans Think Travis Kelce Told Taylor Swift “I Love You So Much It's Not Even Funny" | Marie Claire



“I think it’s a real relationship, even if people think it started off as some kind of P.R. relationship,” Ms. Cuffs said on Wednesday. “I think they have genuine feelings for each other.”The reason for her confidence? “You can tell by body language,” Ms. Cuffs said. “The way they look at each other, their eye contact, the way he touches her back — just small gestures like that.”