I Don’t Really Like My Brother In-law, Jackson But”I Don”t Hate Him”Brittany Mahomes Said to Fans

I Don't Really Like My Brother In-law, Jackson But

Jackson has been accused of forcibly kissing a female bar owner, 40, in her office.



Taylor with Jackson Mahomes : r/SwiftlyNeutral



He faces three felony counts of aggravated sexual battery, as well as one further misdemeanor count of battery in an alleged assault of a male waiter at the same establishment.With Patrick’s framed jerseys hanging on the wall, Kelce was seen having a drink and chitchatting alongside an extravagantly made table.

Ultimately the camera panned over to one place setting, where Brittany’s name card and a note beginning with the word ‘Thankful’ could be seen.

Kelce later revealed on this week’s New Heights episode that he would be alone on Thanksgiving, eating some KFC.