‘I didn’t like him because he always looks so…’ – Kylie Kelce reveals why it took so long for her to first meet Travis Kelce as she opens up on her brother-in-law’

Travis and Kylie Kelce


Kylie Kelce has admitted that it took a bit of time to meet her husband Jason Kelce’s younger brother, Travis, revealing that an entire NFL season went by before her first encounter with the Kansas City Chiefs star.


Travis and Kylie Kelce

Appearing as a guest on a show, called Stacking the Box, on Friday, the 31-year-old mother of three recalled her first impression of the 34-year-old Travis prior to tying the knot with Jason, 36, in 2018. The couple met on a dating app.

‘Jason and I had been together for quite some time before I actually got to meet Travis,’ Kylie told host, Sterling Holmes.

‘I’m at least talking through a football season because the schedules didn’t match up.’

Kylie added that the first time she met Travis was at the 2016 Pro Bowl in Hawaii and that the opportunity was a ‘full dive into the Kelce pool because I had never been on a Kelce family vacation, and that turned into one.’

And despite needing to bid her time to finally meet Travis, Kylie had nothing but good things to say about her esteemed, three-time Super Bowl-winning brother-in-law, as she also remembered how highly Jason spoke of his little brother before the meet-and-greet.