How Taylor Swift’s Middle Name May Have Lead to Travis Kelce’s Brain Fart

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift Alice in the Wonderland


Travis Kelce recently shared a surprising – and rather silly – revelation on Wednesday’s New Heights podcast episode.


Travis Kelce at New Heights - The London Episode

On the June 26 episode of the podcast, the Kansas City Chiefs tight-end admitted he had always thought the main character of Alice in Wonderland was actually named “Alison Wonderland.” His brain fart left fans speculating about his girlfriend Taylor Swift’s influence, especially since her middle name is Alison.

Jason Kelce, Travis’s brother, couldn’t stop laughing during the podcast episode. The discussion about the Disney classic came up when the brothers drank tea on air, likening themselves to the characters Tweedledee and Tweedledum.

“I … found out over the summer that it’s ‘Alice in Wonderland,’ not ‘Alison Wonderland,'” 34-year-old Travis confessed. Jason, 36, still chuckling, pointed out, “We’ve watched the movie, though. You know her name wasn’t Alison.” His brother somewhat sheepishly responded, “I thought it was. Not one time did I catch that, dude.”

It’s safe to say social media had a field day imagining how the conversation might have unfolded between the couple. One fan humorously posted on X (formerly known as Twitter), “alison wonderland” his ass for sure called taylor that and she was like wtf are you saying it’s alice.” Another fan commented, “‘What’s your middle name?’ ‘Alison.’ ‘Cool, like Alison Wonderland?’ That’s how I imagine he found out it’s Alice.”

The podcast episode was recorded in London, where the Kelce brothers had traveled to see Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour over the weekend. Although they didn’t delve into Travis’s surprise appearance on stage, they praised Swift’s incredible performance, specifically Jason as this was his first time experiencing Swift’s Eras Tour performance.

“It was insanely impressive. There’s something, like, obviously Taylor’s an amazing singer-songwriter but then to be able to go out there and be a performer at that level… Dude, if I did what she did for one song, I would have to change my clothes,” he hilariously stated in the episode.