Hilary Duff’s birth chart shows why she’s an American sweetheart

Hilary Duff’s birth chart shows why she’s an American sweetheart


When it comes to teen idols who have also managed to hold onto a highly successful career in adulthood, there’s one actress and singer who has been able to show the world how it’s done: Hilary Duff.


Hilary Duff’s birth chart shows why she’s an American sweetheart

The widely beloved actress became one of the most commercially adored young superstars, growing up in the public eye as the lead in Disney’s “Lizzy McGuire” franchise. Yet, as she’s evolved, Duff, 35, has been able to navigate fame and glory in far better ways than other young stars have.

Now, juggling a thriving personal life, motherhood and marriage to Matthew Koma, Duff still shows she has what it takes to remain sexy, vulnerable and handle a thriving Hollywood career with hit shows like “Younger” and “How I Met Your Father.”

So what makes her such a powerhouse? What lies ahead for her? Join me as we peer into her stars because I’m a pop culture astrologer and I can see it all.


Hilary Duff’s birth chart shows why she’s an American sweetheart


Hilary Duff was born on September 28, 1987. This makes her a charming Libra Sun with a spicy Sagittarius Moon. Her birth time hasn’t been confirmed online nor with me directly (get at me, Hilary!), but we can still see a lot about who she is underneath it all.

When it comes to elemental energy, we can see that she is heavily composed of Fire and Air energy. To be honest, she and I have several striking similarities in our birth charts, so we would obviously inevitably end up as BFFs (I live in Los Angeles — let’s grab lunch!).

With so much powerful fiery energy infused within her, she is expressive, creative, passionate and eager to live life to the fullest. She’s unafraid to take the lead in ways that push her into new adventures. Yet, with strong Libra energy also beautifully dancing over her soul, it reveals that she also truly understands how to collaborate and work with others rather than be purely dominating. She knows how to fluidly impress others and get them to like her, as well as still pursue her innate goals and desires. This is a mark of not only a great leader — but also a really wonderful human being to the core of her being.

When it comes to key themes that run through her birth chart, let’s highlight some important astrological aspects that give us further insight into who she is. As I peer in, I just can’t stop smiling. Honestly, Duff is the kind of person I always hoped (and expected) her to be. You see, when it comes to being in Hollywood (which I’ve been involved with since a child, as well), and then ultimately deciding to pursue a serious career in the entertainment (or media) industry, you end up running into a lot of fake, deceptive and ruthless people. And Hilary Duff is none of that!


Hilary Duff’s birth chart shows why she’s an American sweetheart

When I see cutthroat energy in someone’s birth chart, I always sense chills running down my spine because you run into these people repeatedly as you’re navigating mainstream entertainment. But then, when you meet a gem who just radiates light and has a heart of gold: these are the people that end up shining in the end and also have a knack for making the world a better place.

Duff is pleasant, charming and kind. She’s also inherently very balanced and craves harmony and has an innate optimism that allows others to also feel centered, at peace and inspired by her. We can see this in how her Moon, ruling her inner emotional life, kisses Venus, the planet of beauty, and how her Venus smiles upon Saturn, the planet of strength. Her Mercury, the planet of the mind, also sings in alignment with Jupiter, the planet of joy.

Yet, the next major theme I wish to highlight is that Duff was born for the arts. Her Sun, ruling her life force, is exactly aligned with Neptune, the planet of imagination and Hollywood. This is quite rare and brings her the ability to tap into deep levels of sensitivity, compassion and creativity, which she literally channels into her life, her art and her relationships. Her Moon is united with Saturn, which brings her incredible concentration and perseverance. Last to note is that she is also feisty, fun and eccentric in some ways, which is what sets her apart from the crowd.

The thing I love about this, though, is because she is so balanced and likable, this allows people to find her relatable — or makes people wish they were more like her — because she can balance her original and inventive nature with her down-to-earth vibes.


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