Hilary Duff says she’s ‘really good at being disappointed’ in herself after having kids

Hilary Duff says she's 'really good at being disappointed' in herself after having kids

Parenting can’t always be smooth sailing, and Hilary Duff says she’s getting used to riding out those highs and lows by allowing herself a bit of grace.

In a new interview with Shape, the “How I Met Your Father” actor spoke about her career progress, growing up and balancing motherhood, which she explained often involves a scattered routine. As Duff explained in the interview, her day-to-day sees her juggling work, her husband and her children’s needs as well as their school and after-school activities. And the actor and singer admits it’s all made easier with the help she’s been able to hire.



Still, every once in a while she can drop the ball.“I’ve had to get really good at being disappointed in myself,” Duff explained in the interview, sharing that more recently, she made an oversight while taking her son Luca to his soccer tournament. She missed the team parents’ Whatsapp reminder that the kids needed to wear a certain uniform color.



“But I have two other kids to deal with and three dogs, (Matthew) was out of town, I had just thrown my mom her 70th birthday, and I was a little hungover…” she explained.

“I think that when you have a baby, you’re just wired to think that you are loaded with all the answers and all of the capability,” she added. “We’re still just human beings.”Still, those fumbles appear to be well worth it for Duff, who told the magazine that she’s in an era that has made her appreciate the daily chaos.



“I just love watching my kids form into their own individual unique selves,” she explained. “I love my loud household with mayhem and the craziness and all the love and all the dirt. I love (parenting) with my husband. I love feeling like hugs and cuddles can make everything better. I love the pressure of being like, ‘How the f— are we going to make it through this day?’ And making it through the day and being like, ‘I don’t know how everyone is tucked in and fed and happy after all the things we’ve had to do today.’”



Duff has been open and quick to laugh about the mayhem that comes with her family. In December 2022, she gave Instagram followers a peek into her world with her family’s holiday card.


The greeting featured Duff alongside her husband, singer and songwriter Matthew Koma, tied up with Christmas lights by her son Luca, 11. Koma is the father to the actor’s daughters, Banks, 4, and Mae, 2. Duff shares Luca with her former husband and retried hockey player Mike Comrie.


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