“He’s way overrated” – Skip Bayless rants about Patrick Mahomes, doesn’t buy QB’s hype

Patrick Mahomes gets his wish, and then some, after saying he wants to get hit in first preseason game

Patrick Mahomes has helped the Kansas City Chiefs get off to a 2-0 start in the 2022 NFL season, throwing seven touchdowns and zero interceptions so far. However, Skip Bayless isn’t fully convinced by his performance.

Mahomes’ most recent victory over the Los Angeles Chargers on Thursday Night Football was discussed on a new episode of Undisputed.Shannon Sharpe gave Mahomes an ‘A-‘ rating for his performance in the game. However, his co-panelist Skip Bayless adamantly disagreed with his opinion. Here’s what Bayless had to say:

“I’m going to give Shannon Sharpe an F for his feeble attempt to try to over-protect his man Mahome-boy. You know, given how you come out here day after day and gush about and glorify Mahome-boy, Patrick Mahomes is way overrated.

Given the bar you set for him, he’s way overrated, because again and again, he falls short of your hype.”
Bayless continued:

“And last night, he fell woefully short because the truth is, that game had 31-7 Chargers written all over it. It did. It was written all over it. Because if you look at time of possession, it’s 34 to 26 [in favour of] visiting team.

If you look at plays run, it’s 74 for the visiting team to 54 for Mahome-boy. How do you survive that?”How did Patrick Mahomes get away with the interceptions he threw? You want to talk about lucky, he was all-time lucky.

But again, QBR should take into account the three interceptions that you should have thrown, that you did throw. You threw three interceptions, they just didn’t intercept them.”


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