” He looked into my eyes and whispered , Babe don’t pay attention to what others say . You have my heart and my love. I will love you forever and you will be the mother of my kids”. Taylor Teary-eyed made a heartfelt confession about Travis

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift are facing criticism over their reported use of a private jet for international travel, drawing ire from fans and environmental activists alike,News emerged detailing Swift’s dispatch of her private jet from Sydney to Hawaii to transport her boyfriend to Australia, prompting concerns about the environmental repercussions of such extravagant transportation.





Critics were swift to highlight the apparent inconsistency between Swift’s previous advocacy for climate change awareness and her reliance on private jets, known for their significant contribution to carbon emissions. Fans took to social media platforms, including X, to express disappointment and accuse both Kelce and Swift of hypocrisy.“Climate change activist Taylor Swift sends her private jet from Sydney to Hawaii to pick up her boyfriend Travis Kelce and bring him to Australia,” wrote a user on X. “The round trip will emit 3 metric tons of CO2. The CO2 emissions equate to melting 95.4 square feet of Arctic sea ice.”