“He Is Screaming”: $400,000,000 Peyton Manning Project Reveals Patrick Mahomes Is Like the Rest of Us

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he NFL’s ‘Quarterback’ documentary has finally premiered on Netflix. And it’s all about the star quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs, Patrick Mahomes! The show also features Mahomes adorable and happy family of six, complete with their furry four-legged kids. It’s no secret that Mahomes is a proud dog dad and has had his beloved pups by his side for years.Many wondered if the series would showcase Mahomes’ football skills, but it also showed his human side.



Patrick Mahomes' wife Brittany risks wardrobe malfunction in daring dress  at ESPYs | HELLO!



As Brittany shared her side of their ‘famed love story,’ we heard a voice yelling from the backyard. And it was Mahomes’! It makes you wonder what he was screaming about.Hall of Fame QB and executive producer of “Quarterback,” Peyton Manning, shared how many fail to understand a professional quarterback’s journey off the field. “Are they hanging out? Are they in the weight room, watching films and grinding for that next game? Which is the answer, by the way, not to give it away.” But with the docuseries, they sure have brought a certain Chiefs QB “human” side for the world to see.



Patrick Mahomes has a message for Chiefs fans at ESPY Awards | The Kansas  City Star




Patrick “Showtime” Mahomes is known for his passion on the field. But with Quarterback’s first episode, it’s seen that it’s not limited to the field. During the episode, as Brittany spoke, Mahomes yelling could be heard from outside. He was reprimanding his dog, Silver, and the cameras captured the amusing incident, making it a lighthearted moment on the show. “Is he yelling at the dogs?” KC-Current Co-owner and influencer Mrs. Mahomes said, “Okay, we can see you(Patrick) screaming at the dogs, bro?” while Kermit being all ‘cute’ (won’t be wrong to say), shared, “Did you not see what happened? They were fighting dogs on the other side of the fence.”


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