“Get His Team Jersey”: Randi Mahomes Drops Business Message That Inspires $50,000,000 Worth Patrick Mahomes

“Get His Team Jersey”: Randi Mahomes Drops

Randi Mahomes is a pillar of support for the Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes. She has been with him all throughout his career. But in the current offseason, she has turned her attention elsewhere. Randi dropped a business message that would have surely inspired her $50 million worth son.



Never Wins": Randi Martin, Mother of Patrick Mahomes, Once Ignited  Controversy By Calling Patriots LB as 'Evil' - yebscore.com



Randi is the mother of two millionaires. Patrick has a 10-year deal worth $450 million with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Her other son Jackson is big on social media. But her message sure resonates with a lot of common business owners who have nothing but their business to survive on.


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