Funniest Super Bowl 2024 Memes: halftime show, Mahomes, Usher, Swift, Kelce, Purdy…

The Super Bowl is here, and with it the craziness of Las Vegas and a new legion of fans known as ‘Swifties’. The Kansas City Chiefs will take on the San Francisco 49ers in a game that has more meme potential than any other. Follow along, as we’ll post the best in comedy from all over the internet in real time.

Best Super Bowl memes: Chiefs vs. 49ers
Oh, the Cowboys. You knew they were going to be brought up. One point for the Swifties, as Taylor Swift looks pristine at her SB suite in Allegiant Stadium.
The Kansas City chiefs are without wide receiver Kadarius Toney, who also sat out for the AFC Championship game. Opinions differ greatly on whether that’s actually a bad thing for Andy Reid’s squad.

Looking for a drinking game for your Super Bowl party? We’ve got you covered. Our personal favorite: “Travis Kelce scores a touchdown and throws up a heart to Taylor’s suite”.

This next meme will resonate with anyone who doesn’t has a horse in this race. Though truth be told, it’s unlikely for people to completely neutral in this one.

It’s Swifties vs. the world. Taylor Swift’s fans want the best for her, and anything less than the superstar singer celebrating with the Chiefs once the game is done will be unacceptable for them.

Usher’s halftime show has been the talk of the Super Bowl for weeks. We know Alicia Keys will join him, will Lil Jon make an appearance as well?

Well, we found someone who has more on the line than anyone who will take the field in Allegiant Stadium: former Bengals and Patriots wide receiver: Chad Ochocinco.

Jason Kelce will be at Allegiant Stadium to cheer on his brother, Travis. Meanwhile, he was spotted embodying ‘Alan Garner’, from The Hangover. Fitting, given he likely has a hangover from going too hard at Adele’s concert on Friday.