‘Feel Uncomfortable..’ – Naomi Osaka’s Mother Reveals Brutal Hardships Faced While Coaching Her Daughter

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Japanese tennis star Naomi Osaka has established herself as one of the best current generation players. The 4-time major champion is still in the nascent stages of her career. She is currently suffering a slump in form, but she still has a long way to go.



Having grown-up in a middle-class family, Osaka has endured some tough days on her way to becoming one of the top players in the women’s circuit.Her mother, the sole breadwinner in the family, had to work multiple jobs to help Naomi follow her passion.



Recently, the mother of the star tennis player recently published a book, in which she explained the struggles of her life. There’s a part where she narrates the difficulty she had to face while her girls used to practice in the public tennis courts.



Osaka had frequent encounters with the police in the U.S.

In a part of her book, Tamaki Osaka narrates how she had to face challenges training her girls on the public tennis court.



The other players would complain to the police that unlicensed coaches were teaching. Here’s what Tamaki Osaka deduced from these incidents.After enduring through such tough periods, Naomi has now carved a niche for herself in not only tennis but also in business.



She has joined hands with notable personalities like LeBron James in interesting business ventures.



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