Fans go wild as Taylor Swift kicks off UK leg of Eras Tour in Edinburgh and gave a SWEET Nod to her Chiefs Star Boyfriend Travis Kelce with a SPECIAL Twist on the show

Taylor Swift at Eras Tour


The UK leg of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour has kicked off in Edinburgh and the Scottish Swifties are loving it!


Taylor Swift at Eras Tour

On Friday night, Taylor, 34, began her UK leg of the Eras Tour at the Murrayfield Stadium in Edinburgh.

The performance marks the first of 15 dates of the tour that will take place in the UK as the singer takes to the stage in Edinburgh, Cardiff, London, and Liverpool in the coming weeks.

The concert began at 8pm and fans went wild as the Love Story singer took to the stage.

At one point, Taylor congratulated a couple who got engaged then and there in the stadium as she performed.

I’m pretty sure I just saw someone who got engaged. Did it happen? Yeah?’

‘Congratulations. Wow. Man that’s amazing. Thank you for doing that at my concert. That’s a big moment. Huge,’ she said.

In another iconic moment, Taylor’s backup dancer changed the lyric in We Are Never Getting Back Together from ‘Like ever’ to ‘Nae Chance’ – a lovely bit of local slang for her Scottish audience.

Even fans who were unable to snag tickets gathered around the stadium with picnic blankets and danced to the music from the stadium.

In fact, the music from the stadium could reportedly be heard from miles away, according to fans from X, as some claimed they could hear Taylor singing from the comfort of their own homes.

Taylor thanked fans while on stage: ‘Thank you Edinburgh for welcoming a lass to your city.’

She also complimented the crowd’s enthusiasm and singing skills.

‘The volume of singing. The dancing. You guys are performing on another level. I can’t stop looking at the crowd. Like, I’m captivated,’ she said.

The singer also was in awe at the sheer number of attendees at the event, ‘We’ve checked this 20 times and this is the most highly attended stadium show in Scottish history,’ she said.

Fans went all out when it came to dressing up for the occasion, with one fan spotted in a banana costume that referenced Taylor’s famous Jimmy Fallon interview – the one that included a video clip of her high on medication after eye surgery.

Two fans dancing in the standing section went viral as they enjoyed the song Betty from the album Folklore.

The pair seemed completely in their own world as they spun each other around and danced to the song.

Scottish Rail also joined in on the fun and used a megaphone to blast Taylor Swift tunes into Haymarket Station.

One tweet showed that more than 10,000 people used the station to arrive at the gig and concertgoers were greeted with ‘Shake It Off.’

Ahead of the performance, the music icon was seen by aerial cameras travelling in a motorcade led by a police motorbike.

Although Taylor arrived just hours before she was set to perform, loyal fans and vendors were arriving at the venue for hours, many after travelling great distances.

Aidan Nicholson, 27, told PA News Agency that he had driven from Orkney, an archipelago off the northeastern coast of Scotland, for the performance.

‘We got a boat and drove for about six hours to get here. We’re also flying out to Denmark tomorrow on holiday.’

At the beginning of the week, the singer was in Lyon, France, performing her three-and-a-half-hour-long concert featuring music from ten of her albums from the past decade.