Fans believe that Travis Kelce will propose to Taylor Swift at Super Bowl LVIII

here is speculation among fans about a potential Travis Kelce proposal to Taylor Swift at Super Bowl LVIII, following the Kansas City Chiefs’ victory in the AFC Championship Game against the Baltimore Ravens. Their relationship appears to be advancing quickly, prompting speculation about a romantic gesture on the football field.

Some suggest that Kelce might retire after the season, making a proposal even more significant. Despite logistical challenges due to Swift’s international tour schedule, fans are hopeful she’ll make it to the game, even with a tight timeline.

With Swift’s access to private jets, the journey from Tokyo to Las Vegas, where the Super Bowl will be held, is feasible but demanding.

Fan reaction to the scenario

Swift would have only five days before needing to return overseas for her next concert. Despite the challenges, fans anticipate Swift will make the trip, especially if a proposal is in the cards. It’s a journey worth taking for such a significant moment.

“If the Chiefs win, I would not put it past the NFL script writers to have Travis Kelce get down on 1 knee at midfield and propose to Taylor Swift,” a fan wrote on X.

Another added: “Is everyone excited to watch Travis Kelce win the Super Bowl MVP, then immediately propose, and then let Taylor Swift hold the Super Bowl trophy?”

“I have the updated script,” a third wrote. “The Chiefs will win the superbowl again. Travis will propose to Taylor. Travis retires and will star in every single commercial that comes on your TV.”