Everything You Need To Know About Simone Biles Invitational 2023

Everything You Need To Know About Simone Biles Invitational 2023


While everyone awaits Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens’s wedding date this year, the gymnast has another great news for her fans. The USA’s most decorated athlete is an inspiration to millions of young and upcoming gymnasts. Hence, when Biles hosts her own gymnastics championship, Biles Invitational, it is no less than any mega event. And now that the date for the 2023 edition of the tournament is here, gymnastics fanatics are looking forward to it.


Everything You Need To Know About Simone Biles Invitational 2023

If you were not aware of what Biles Invitational 2023 is, here is everything you need to know about the famous gymnastics event.

The Biles International Invitational 2023 is going to be the sixth annual edition of the championship. As per the World Champions Centre announcement, the tournament will be held from January 27–29th. All the events of this tournament will take place at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas.



Everything You Need To Know About Simone Biles Invitational 2023

The 3-day event will witness many young talents displaying their gymnastic skills and competing against each other. Besides, the little gymnasts will also hope to catch a glimpse of Biles, who is definitely going to mark her presence at this special championship. The event will also have an autograph signing session from the Biles where fans can meet and greet the GOAT.



On the other hand, if one wants cheer on the upcoming gymnasts, there are spectator tickets available for the same. All the ticket booking and admissions can be done on the Biles Invitational’s official website.



As for the participants, the registration for the competition was already done a few months before. But one could still try for late registrations on the same website.



In 2009, Biles too had participated in the Mary Lou Retton Invitational, where she won a gold medal. Biles’s story and incredible career gave rise to Biles Invitational.



In 2017, similar to other gymnastics legends like Mary Lou Retton and Nastia Liukin, Biles also got her name on a gymnastics meet. Following Biles’s success on the international stage, the World Champions Centre which is no less than home to the star athlete announced Biles Invitational.



Like Biles, the WCC wanted to give a place for young and exceptional talents in the country a stage to shine and carry their gymnastics dream forward. And who is better than Simone Biles for such an encouraging event?


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