Everybody thinks Jason Kelce looks like Sam the Snowman. Here’s what he thinks


Some might say Jason Kelce resembles a certain Christmas caricature, Santa Claus, with the big beard and his cheerful smile. But some others think the NFL player actually resembles another holiday character: Sam the Snowman from “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.”



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Kelce talked about the popular 1964 Christmas TV special during the Dec. 27 episode on his “New Heights” podcast with brother Travis Kelce. The two discussed the viral meme on X, formerly known as Twitter, of someone saying he looked like the jolly cartoon character.

I’ve always gotten I look like Yukon Cornelius. That’s the one that everyone’s always — and it’s from the exact same movie, so I was shocked when this picked up so much steam because I’ve always gotten that one,” Jason Kelce said