“Patrick Mahomes Talk About Mom Randi Reveals while While Ex-Husband Remains Unspotted Since Super Bowl Emotional Hug with son Patrick”

Emotional hug By son Patrick

The absence of Patrick Mahomes Sr. from the online limelight has left fans bewildered for quite some time. The ex-MLB pitcher was last seen during his son’s Super Bowl LVII triumph celebrations. However, that is hardly the case with the quarterback’s mother. Randi Mahomes maintains a super-active status on social media. And this week, she took a break from the tumultuous headlines, finding solace in the breathtaking beauty of Hawaii.



Emotional hug By son Patrick



For her travel partner, she chose someone extremely close to her heart.While Patrick Mahomes is busy preparing for his golf matchup with NBA superstars Steph Curry and Klay Thompson, his half-sister Mia Randall is spending quality time with his mother in the Hawaiian paradise.



Randi Mahomes slips off to absorb Hawaiian beauty with daughter MiaIt’s been a rough couple of months for Randi Mahomes. She took a break from the humdrum after losing her mother and best friend, Debbie Martin, and witnessing her son Jackson’s arrest drama. Randi recently posted an Instagram story with a view from her flight to an unknown destination. “Just landed with my girl Mia,” she said after landing. Well, the destination seems to be Hawaii as the duo posted an IG photo to confirm it.



“Hello from Hawaii,” Randi Mahomes posted on IG with her multi-sport athlete daughter Mia Randall.

The 50-year-old didn’t waste any time as she quickly got into her celebration attire. Mia Randall posed with a baller look, very much in tune with her TikTok handle, ‘Ballersister’. Mia Bliss is a talented upcoming superstar who dabbles in tennis, volleyball, football, and basketball and recently won an Awesome Athletes Certificate.


While the Mahomes family has kept the identity of Mia’s father under the blanket, her step-father Silky P has been missing from all the action.


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