Draymond Green fails after Travis Kelce teaches him how to chug beer at The Match

Draymond Green fails after Travis Kelce teaches him how to chug beer at The Match

Kansas City Chiefs stars Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce obliterated Golden State Warriors teammates Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson at Captal One’s The Match on Thursday at Wynn Golf Club in Las Vegas, but Draymond Green stole the show with his epic fail while attempting to chug a beer.






Kelce, 33, proved moments earlier that he could easily chug a cold one with some sort of handheld “beer bong” contraption and convinced Green to do the same a few minutes later.Green, 33, nearly accomplished the feat, but choked towards the end, spilling the beer and making Kelce run far away from the splash zone.



The four-time NBA champion, who is currently a free agent in the league while working on a contract extension with the Warriors, blamed the bottle for his poor beer-chugging skills.

Kelce did not let him get away with excuses and made sure to tell Green he did it all wrong. While the longtime Warriors big man went viral for spilling beer, it was his trolling of Thompson that really took the cake.
The NBA free agent annoyed Thompson all day long and the latter was not afraid to show his frustration.



Green, who bet Buffalo Bills safety Von Miller that the NBA players would win, was blaming Thompson for their poor outing.Thompson, 33, was able to hear everything, but he wasn’t so innocent himself. Perhaps the reason Green was so annoying is because his teammate clowned him during pre-show for almost losing a three-point contest to comedian Kevin Hart.


Curry, 35, explained during the broadcast (players were mic’d up) how Green annoying Thompson is a normal occurrence, joking that fans are getting a full view into Golden State’s locker room.


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