“Don’t give a sh*t” – Brittany Matthews explains how she keeps herself humbled with so much spotlight on her family

Patrick and Brittany Mahomes are the foremost couple in the NFL right now. The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback is the reigning Super Bowl MVP and champion, as well as the league MVP. That naturally brings curiosity, glare and scrutiny of the public eye.Mahomes is a multiple league MVP, Super Bowl MVP and Super Bowl champion. It’s easy to get carried away with his caliber. He’s not being compared with other people on the field. Rather, he’s being compared with Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and other GOATs.



Super Bowl LVII - Kansas City Chiefs v Philadelphia Eagles




Patrick and Brittany Mahomes are both just 27. It’s easy to get carried away at this age. Thankfully, Brittany has just revealed their secret about what keeps them grounded.

Brittany Mahomes had a question and answer session on Instagram where one user asked what keeps them humbled. She replied:



“Well we are from a small town so I feel like that molded us to always stay true to who you are. And we still have majority of the same group of friends & people around us who still look at us as those kids from east Texas and don’t give a sh*t about all the other stuff.”



Patrick Mahomes' wife, Brittany Matthews, wants Chiefs apology




She credited their upbringing in a small town and keeping the same family and friend circle, who kept reminding them where they came from and not treating them any differently.Before all the dazzling lights, the story for this couple began all the way back in high school.



Patrick played football and baseball, whereas Brittany played soccer. They both attended Whitehouse High School in East Texas. So, their love and relationship came much before there was any indication of how successful they would be later in life.


They started dating in 2012 and had temporary separation when they went to different colleges.


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