Donna Kelce lands in Kansas City to bring in 2024 with her ‘second favorite’ son Travis and Taylor Swift – and she is set to cheer his under-fire Chiefs on in vital NFL game vs. Bengals


Donna Kelce touched down in Kansas City late on Friday night and will spend her New Year’s celebration with son Travis and Taylor Swift.


‘Mama Kelce’ spent Christmas Day in Philadelphia with her eldest son Jason, his wife Kylie and their children Wyatt, Elliotte and Bennett.

Donna and Kylie baked homemade cookies to sell and raise money for the Philadelphia autism foundation ahead of the Eagles playing the Giants on Christmas Day – Jason’s team recorded a 33-25 victory.

And now on Friday evening, she landed in Kansas City and made her way to Travis’s new $6million mansion to celebrate a new year.

There will, of course, be more football involved for Donna and there is plenty on the line in the New Year’s Eve game for the Chiefs against Cincinnati Bengals.

Kelce and the Chiefs lost on Christmas Day at Arrowhead Stadium to Las Vegas Raiders – going down by a 20-14 scoreline for their fifth loss in their last eight games.

The Chiefs, who beat Jason’s Eagles in last season’s Super Bowl, are now 9-6 for the season and need a commanding performance against the Bengals back at Arrowhead to start to silence their doubters.

Also this week, Donna made an appearance on Travis and Jason’s New Heights podcast in a ‘Kelce family’ episode to round out 2023.

Donna’s funniest moment arguably came in the preview clip that was released on Thursday evening.

Travis says to his mom Donna: ‘Well mommy, we last had you on the show before the Super Bowl, where you said, definitively, that Jason was your favorite. Has that changed at all this season?’

After a short pause, Donna simply responded ‘not yet’ before Jason erupted with laugher and shouted: ‘Oh my god!’.