Depth of Field: Brittany Matthews Once again Enchants in a Viral Versace Dress

Patrick Mahomes was not the only one in his family

Patrick Mahomes was not the only one in his family last Sunday to flip the script. His fiancee, Brittany Matthews, took a very bad start to the week and turned it into gold. Swept up in that thrilling Chiefs win against the Matthew Buffalo Bills,s sprayed champagne over cheering fans in Arrowhead Stadium, then watched her name go up in flames on social media and in national tabloid headlines when video of the moment went viral. Critics cast it as a Marie Antoinette moment.



A Look at Brittany Mahomes's Incredible Versace Wedding Gown - IN Kansas  City Magazine



The entitled fiancee of a rich NFL star splashing the lowly masses with bubbly on a cold winter’s night. Who’s going to pay for the dry cleaning? What if she doused children? What if the bottle had fallen from her hands and hit someone? What if? What if? And on and on and on.



Brittany Matthews Wears Versace Wedding Dress to Marry Patrick Mahomes




Never mind that Chiefs fans who were under that spray said later on social media that they’d egged her on. The heat was relentless and lasted for days. But by the end of the week, Matthews was running the narrative in a new direction, exhorting her social media followers to be kind and pledging money to an anti-bullying program in Kansas City.

Stefani Webb, head women’s soccer coach for the University of Texas at Tyler who coached Matthews during a standout career there, said it’s tough to watch how she’s treated on social media. The two remain close friends. “It’s very hard in the sense that I think our society right now


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