Controversy: Over new ‘obstructed view’ tickets for Taylor Swift at the Santiago Bernabeu

Controversy: Over new 'obstructed view' tickets for Taylor Swift at the Santiago Bernabeu


‘Taylor Swift-mania’ has already taken over Madrid. With just a few days remaining until the American artist’s double-header concerts at the Santiago Bernabeu, the Spanish capital is already abuzz with excitement. Unsurprisingly, tickets for the events on May 29 and 30 are completely sold out.


Controversy: Over new 'obstructed view' tickets for Taylor Swift at the Santiago Bernabeu

Some dedicated ‘Swifties’ have taken to social media to share their plans, such as wearing diapers to avoid missing any part of Taylor Swift’s performance due to bathroom breaks.

Meanwhile, Swift’s production team, representing the most streamed artist on Spotify in 2023, has been exploring ways to increase the stadium’s capacity to accommodate more fans.

This is a common practice for events of this magnitude. Due to the inability to schedule a third concert at Real Madrid’s stadium and the overwhelming demand for tickets, the team has decided to sell “obstructed view” tickets.

Craze to get a ticket
The financial impact of these concerts is significant, with HelloTickets estimating the event will generate around 25 million euros for Madrid. The desire to witness ‘The Eras Tour’ has reached such extremes that some fans have purchased tickets with limited or partially obstructed views.

Although these seats offer a poor view of the stage, fans are eager to experience the atmosphere and enjoy the nearly three-hour show.

These obstructed view tickets have sparked some controversy on social media, where users have expressed their dissatisfaction.

TikTok features videos of attendees showing their limited views from these seats. However, it’s worth noting that giant screens will be installed to ensure everyone can enjoy the concert.