Coco Gauff’s ‘American’ Surprise Jessica Pegula With Gift…….See Trending Photos


Although tennis is renowned for being an individual sport, there are several stars who have made their names in the doubles category, like the Bryan brothers.

However, unlike the Bryan brothers, other players will have several doubles partners over time. The American sensation, Coco Gauff, is one player who has found a great doubles partner and she’ll be hoping to stick with her for the foreseeable future.

Coco tenni

It is none other than her compatriot, Jessica Pegula. Over the years, Gauff and Pegula have become very close friends as they were vying for the biggest titles on the WTA Tour. Recently, the American young star sensation showed her dedication towards her friend when she gifted her something she needed the most

The doubles stars came to the fore on the WTA Tour in the first half of the season. Gauff and Pegula are currently ranked 3 and 4, respectively, in doubles. They won the Miami Open women’s doubles and breezed past their opponents while dropping only two sets in their stint.



Pegula shared the gift on her Instagram story, which was reshared by Gauff. She captioned it saying that she was a good gift giver if not anything else. “Not hosting any dinners, but I am a good gift giver“.

Pagula& Coco Gaulf
Gauff is always there to cheer up her partner and come to her aid and Pegula duly returns the favor as well. The players have found a friendship that could last a long time even though they have a massive age gap.


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