Coco Gauff Mistakenly Revealed Her Five Secret Move To Dominate American Tennis……Hints That No Comeback For Senera Williams

A lot of things haven’t been the same in the tennis realm with Serena Williams and her remarkable antics not there on the WTA Tour anymore. After the previous season’s US Open, fans are missing the American tennis legend’s bedazzling performances that have often captivated them.

Coco Gauff Mistakenly Reveal  Her Secret Move To Dominate American Tennis.......Coat Senera Williams & Venus Williams as Both Leave The Court For Her


Further, considering her recent hints, they have been quite intrigued to know whether the ‘Queen of the Court’ will make a comeback. Even Coco Gauff, who has always idolized her, has recently expressed her skepticism over the 41-year-old tennis legend’s retirement decision.

he American tennis player doubts that the U.S. Open was Williams’ farewell match. Let’s see what the 2022 French Open finalist thinks of a possible Serena comeback.

After the Australian Open, the 18-year-old tennis star was recently featured in an interview with The Palm Beach Post. Coco Gauff was asked about her opinion on the Billie Jean King Cup that will now be held at her home city, Delray. She said that she would really like to see the Williams sisters in the event, as they are Palm Beach County residents.

Gauff further said that the ‘Queen of the Court’ has often given hints about her return to competitive tennis. She brought to light her recent interview in which Williams said that she won’t return to the court. However, Gauff also believes that if Serena changes her mind, then she will unquestionably do what she wants.

Recently, the American tennis prodigy sat down for another interview for a popular YouTube channel, in which she hailed Serena and Venus. While growing up in the United States, the 19-year-old player has always looked up to both Williams sisters.

Gauff, who has often delivered some incredible performances, has credited the Williams sisters for inspiring her. Taking note of their dominating style of playing, the tennis prodigy has tried to bring those aspects to her own game.

Do you agree with Gauff’s viewpoint on Serena’s potential return to the court? Let us know in the comments section.


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