Coco Gauff: 15 provoking pictures that caused a stir on Instagram — Six talking points

Coco Gauff Bikini Pics 8 Sexy New


Coco Gauff, the teenage tennis sensation, was recently photographed in a chic bikini while on vacation. The powerful young athlete’s appearance is the talk of the town and fans can’t get enough.

From her rise to stardom in 2019 to her fashion-forward outfits on court, Coco Gauff continues to make waves and serve up serious style.

Check out this article for all the Coco Gauff bikini photos and details on her inspiring journey so far. Here is a series of pictures posted on Instagram also in a bikini at the beach photos showing off her sexy legs and accentuating her curves.

After young tennis star Coco Gauff published a TikTok video showing her walking on a beach in a bathing suit, TikTok placed her post under review. “Why is this under review? TikTok, I am 19 wearing a bathing suit,” Gauff reacted in the comments section of the video she posted.

Coco Gauff


Gauff’s video had positive feedback from her followers. Below you can read a few of them:
“Omg coco you’re so freakin pretty”
“Coco you are a queen”
“You’re stunning”
“You are so gorgeous!
Love you, Coco!”


Coco Gauff posts picture in a bikini at the beach pics

In another TikTok video, Cori “Coco” Gauff attempted a chair trick but things went wrong as she failed to pull off the move. “Not me thinking I could actually do this bruh,” Gauff captioned the video.


Coco Gauff Bikini Pic

Coco Gauff Plans on becoming n0.1

“Being No. 1 is pretty cool. I have no words,” Gauff said, per the WTA website.

“Honestly, as a kid, I didn’t even know there were separate rankings for singles and doubles. So as a kid, no. But when I got on tour and realized I could do well in doubles, yes. I didn’t put pressure on myself to do it, but I wanted to.

Coco Gauff posts picture in a bikini at the beach

Who wouldn’t want to be No. 1 in anything? But yeah, I would say when I got on tour and started doing well in doubles and my ranking started going up, I realized that No. 1 was possible,” said Gauff.


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