Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes & His Wife Brittany Are East Texas Kids Turned NFL Royalty

Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes & His Wife Brittany Are East Texas

Most Texans who grew up in the state have fond memories of attending Texas high school football games and hanging out with friends to cheer the local teams on.

One of the most well-known couples in the sports league these days, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and his wife Brittany, had that exact experience in Tyler, TX nearly a decade ago.



An Instagram photo posted by Brittany Mahomes of her family.




Brittany Mahomes has been cheering the quarterback on since his teenage days. Now, she’s traded district wins and uncomfortable metal bleachers for air-conditioned box seats and Super Bowl rings.These two go way back!

The pair met at school in 2011, began dating a few years later — even attending prom together — and the rest is history. They finally tied the knot with a ceremony at the beach on March 12, 2022.

On their social media accounts, you can find posts dating back to their school years. Some of these photos even show Patrick’s Friday night football games and even his time as a baseball player.
Where did Mahomes grow up?



East Texas was where it all started for the quarterback and his wife, too. They both grew up in the small Lone Star State metropolitan area of Tyler, which has recently honored him with his very own “Patrick Mahomes Day” for the local donations he’s made.

The sports star then moved across the state to play for Texas Tech University, where he was recently honored in their Hall of Fame in August 2022.

Patrick and Brittany were back in the East Texas area in February 2022 to attend a Raiders basketball game. They both have mentioned that they “always represent the 903” area every time they get a chance.With over a decade of graduations, NFL drafts, championship games, and a new life in Kansa City together, the couple is still going strong.

These days, the Mahomes spend much of their time in the Midwest with their 1-year-old daughter, Sterling, and their two-month-old son Patrick “Bronze.”

They have cemented themselves as quite the “royal family” in the realm of American football in both the states of Texas and Kansas.


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