Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes excited about new Netflix show

Patrick Mahomes ecited

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Football fans around the world will get to see Patrick Mahomes in a new light in July.

The trailer for the new Netflix series titled “Quarterback” was released on Wednesday and the Chiefs QB is front and center.



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The inaugural season will give fans exclusive access to Mahomes, Minnesota Vikings’ Kirk Cousins, and Philadelphia Eagles’ Marcus Mariota as they navigate the 2022 NFL season and Super Bowl LVII. Cameras followed the athletes into the huddle and into their homes for some family time.Mahomes’ production company 2PM Productions produced the series alongside NFL Films.
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“I wanted to for sure be able to have some editing rights cause cuz I’ve realized that I’m kind of wild on the field,” Mahomes said on Thursday. “I don’t even remember the things that I say, but I’m a competitor. That’s just who I am.”

“I’ve watched pretty much all of it. It’s gonna be cool for everybody to see and there’s a lot more of the ‘I’m like that’ stuff in there that I left in there. So I’m gonna try to, but I couldn’t leave it all in there cuz I say a lot of wild stuff out there.”The 27-year-old said fans will get to see the day-to-day process of how he and the other quarterbacks prepare for the season and how he is on the field compared to off the field.

“It’s just hard,” he said. “Not a lot of people see the process of throughout a week of how much preparation and working out, and it’s a long season.

“It’s eight months, pretty much from July until February, whatever you wanna call it and OTAs as well. And so you have to prepare and it’s the long process of you’re getting better. Even if it’s not that day, you don’t have the success you want, you did it for a reason to get better and I think that’s what you’re gonna see.
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“I think you see it from three different perspectives at the quarterback position and you can have success in all different ways. So it’s really cool and hopefully, they pick up another season, we get some other quarterbacks so you can see their perspective as well.”


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