Celebrity Patrick Mahomes’ Mom Vents About Her Family’s Portrayal In Recent Media: “Please Stop. No One Wants the Real Truth”

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Randi Mahomes, the mother of Patrick Mahomes, has entered the social media arena in response to the recent backlash directed at her family. The social media trolls have been targeting Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, his fiance Brittany, and brotherJackson.



Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback




This happened over an unsupported claim that they were not allowed to attend the games anymore as it was a distraction for the athlete. Previously, a video showed Matthews spraying champagne over fans at a Chiefs playoff game provoked outrage, sparking a storm of taunts and a massive backlash.



Ultimately, Patrick’s mother went up to address the internet criticism after the tremendous outrage and people constantly abusing the Mahomes.

Randi Mahomes had enough of the continuous internet trolls mocking the couple, as well as the family’s negative representation over the internet. She has finally taken to social media to address the public and their actions.In the past, Randi Mahomes has spoken out to support her family over social media. When Brittany Matthews was being teased for an awkward interaction with Patrick at a basketball game in Texas, she responded with a tweet that referenced a popular Kanye West meme, including a sophisticated message for the trollers to leave Brittany and the Mahomes family alone.

Patrick Mahomes and his adoring family

The Mahomes family has been in the light for quite some time, and dealing with celebrity status isn’t always easy. We live in an era when humiliating and condemning someone on social media appears to be pretty simple. Patrick is a huge celebrity in the NFL, and he may get some attention from time to time.Even though the Mahomes Family internet drama may be entertaining and a technique of gaining recognition, it can jeopardize the individual’s identity. Even the quarterback’s mother had to step in to protect her family’s reputation.


After some difficult times, the couple has much to be thankful for as they celebrate their daughter’s first birthday and are ready to marry in March. While Mahomes enjoys his last days as a single man in Vegas, Brittany spends her time with her closest friends, sharing delicious cuisine and throwing a bachelorette party.


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