Brittany Matthews On A Deep Crying Begging Patrick To Have Mercy On Her

Brittany Matthews On A Deep Crying Begging Patrick To Have Mercy On Her

When the Chiefs win, it’s because her baby daddy played like a Hall of Famer. When the Chiefs lose, it’s because the refs are out to screw Kansas City. Sunday in Cincinnati, it was clear to Patrick Mahomes’ loudmouth fiancée that the refs were out to get the Chiefs and has determined that her meal ticket was “screwed” out of the No. 1 spot in the AFC standings.



Video Of Pat Mahomes' Obnoxious Girlfriend After Chiefs Beat The Texans Is  Why I Hope They Never Win A Super Bowl - TB Daily News




WAHHHH…cry a little more, darling.

This woman’s baby daddy is the face of the NFL for the next 25 years, he has a Super Bowl ring, he’s going to make billions for the league, he’s sitting on his own half-billion-dollar contract, and I’m supposed to believe the NFL refs came up with a conspiracy aimed against the Chiefs? I’m going to need an explanation as to why the refs chose Cincinnati as the beneficiary of this special treatment.




Patrick Mahomes' Girlfriend Brittany Matthews Says She Was Harassed by  Patriots Fans



You know who has never benefitted from calls? The Bengals franchise.What Britt Britt and her fellow whiner Chiefs fans didn’t mention was how their offense responded when the Bengals came out of the half and got a touchdown via a 31-yard touchdown pass to Tyler Boyd. The Chiefs responded with a six-play drive that stalled at their own 44 and they had to punt. n their next possession, the Chiefs killed a drive with a holding call. And on their final possession, the Mahomes-led offense stalled at the Cincinnati 16 yard line and kicked a field goal.



Travis Kelce, who was killing the Bengals early, disappeared, as did the Chiefs’ offense.

As if Matthews isn’t insufferable enough, then you have Mahomes’ turd brother, Jackson, doing a dance on the sideline before Sunday’s game while wearing his vintage Bulls gear. Patrick is 26. At some point, this clown show is coming to your city. These whiny, entitled idiots will eventually show up in your city playing the victim card and pumping out TikTok dance videos.


Maybe it’s for the best that the NFL refs are out to get Mahomes and the Chiefs. The sooner these bozos go on their Caribbean vacations, the better.


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