Brittany Matthews defends Jackson Mahomes against his critics

Brittany Matthews defends Jackson

The social-media work done by Brittany Matthews and Jackson Mahomes can only be described as ‘lightning in a bottle’, with NFL fans and the wider world either loving what they have uploaded or hating it.




Patrick Mahomes, wife Brittany Matthews are the NFL's top power couple



In truth, the pair have been able to bring eyes and interest to whatever they do, using the vast profile of their husband and brother Patrick Mahomes to launch their videos.



However, with Jackson Mahomes coming in for a lot more criticism in recent months, even being encouraged to stay away from Kansas City Chiefs games, the wife of his brother has publicly defended him.

“They are ignorant,” Matthews responded in a Q&A session on her Instagram page, referring to Jackson’s trolls.



“He is a human just trying to live his life and find his way and until you walk a day in his shoes, you have no right to say sh*t about him.




Super Bowl 2023: Patrick Mahomes, Wife Brittany Matthews Relationship



“So, it’s best just to shut up.” Jackson Mahomes has acted poorly at times

Whilst there is a lot to be said for kindness and understanding, it has to be remembered that Jackson Mahomes has done things to others that don’t necessarily qualify as such, all in pursuit of fame.

There was the incident which saw him throw water on Baltimore Ravens fans, as well as an alleged sexual assault.


The details of this assault remain somewhat sketchy, with a 40-year-old woman accusing Mahomes of forcibly kissing her without consent.


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