Brittany Mahomes Talks About Hardest Part of Parenting as She Shares Beautiful New Family Portraits

Brittany Mahomes Talks About Hardest Part of Parenting as She Shares Beautiful New Family Portraits

Proud papa Patrick Mahomes celebrated his first official Father’s Day on Sunday. And it’s hard to tell who was more excited about the moment, him or his wife Brittany Matthews, who posted a series of sweet snapshots of her little family with fans on Instagram. The two welcomed their new daughter, Sterling Skye, to the world back in February.Brittany’s post featured a series of shots of Patrick and Sterling (and some of him with the family dogs) and said, “Happy 1st Father’s Day!!! We love you.” It’s the first time Patrick has gotten a chance to celebrate the special holiday since Sterling’s birth. The pair, who have been together for nearly 10 years, announced they were expecting in early 2020 through Instagram. Since then, excited fans have followed along with their journey to parenthood.



Brittany, Patrick Mahomes Enjoy First Fourth of July as a Family of Four



Patrick and Brittany got engaged just four weeks before announcing their pregnancy to fans. It happened on the day Patrick’s football team was given their Super Bowl rings. The pair have delighted fans with the story of their relationship, which began in high school. They’ve shared so much of their fairy tale romance, including the birth of their daughter, through their Instagram pages.Sterling’s NFL star dad isn’t the only one with an athletic background. Before Brittany became part owner of the Kansas City National Woman’s Soccer League franchise, she was a soccer player herself. Now she’s retired from the game, but she remains very active.



Patrick Mahomes on Incorporating Daughter Sterling into His Wedding




Sterling’s grandpa is even a bit of an athlete too. Patrick Lavon Mahomes Sr. played Major League Baseball — which is probably why Texas Tech sent the baby a letter of intent to let her know that they’d be honored to have her play soccer for the school almost immediately following her birth.Earlier in the year, she had posted an update for excited fans, who were curious about when they’d get a look at Sterling’s face. Up until recently, Brittany had only been comfortable showing images of her daughter where her face wasn’t clearly visible. She addressed the questions (and others about how life as a new mom had been going, calling it “crazy” because, yeah), and said that, for the time being, she and Patrick just wanted to keep Sterling to themselves.



Brittany Matthews Shares Photos of Baby Sterling, 7 Months



“I just love keeping her to ourselves and to our family,” she explained at the time through an Instagram video. “I just don’t need her blasted all over the internet, and everyone posting photos of her. Maybe one day we will, maybe one day we won’t. Who knows? But I hope you guys respect that and understand.”Based on the photo Brittany shared, and all the other ones we’ve seen of the proud father, Patrick is loving his new role. The new dad is always all smiles in every image she shares. Plus, we can tell by the way she talks about him in her posts that he’s really nailing this whole dad thing. We hope he had a great first Father’s Day, and that he’ll have many more to come!


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