Brittany Mahomes shares the perils of being a dog parent and petting another pup

Brittany Mahomes shares the perils of being a dog parent and petting another pup

Brittany Mahomes took to Instagram on Wednesday to show off her new sofa but instantly discovered that dogs like to try out new things. As soon as the new sofa arrived, she said, her dog instantly jumped off to investigate the new addition to the house.Patrick Mahomes’ wife has been posting a ton of things about their family recently, from pictures of her four-month-old son to their daughter sitting in the quarterback’s chair on a filming set.



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Dogs also feature a lot, even though they have their own Instagram accountAt least the new thing the dog has attacked is just the sofa and not the new Super Bowl ring belonging to Patrick.While the quarterback continues to be one of the NFL’s most in-form superstars, his wife Brittany took a step down from social media in 2022 after constantly being in the news over her posts. She drew opposition from fans following some of her takes on her husband’s performances and the criticisms he received throughout the season.



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When she returned, during the 2022 playoffs, fans were quick to remind her of an incident when she threw champagne at other fans in the freezing cold when the Chiefs won a thrilling playoff contest against the Bills the previous season.


The backlash then was massive and led to Brittany and Patrick’s brother, Jackson, leaving social media for a while, as they were receiving a huge dose of criticism almost daily for their posts – and Jackson’s TikTok also played a part in this.


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