“Brittany Mahomes Reveals Reasons for Ending Relationship with Andy Reid”


Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce serve as the linchpin of the he Kansas City Chiefs’ offensive force. They have led their team all the way to two Super Bowl titles within a span of four seasons.Furthermore, Mahomes boasts two NFL Most Valuable Player awards to his name, while Kelce has maintained his status as an All-Pro member every year since 2016. Despite their remarkable individual accomplishments and team triumphs, the Chiefs find themselves in a promising position to construct the next dynasty in football.

"Brittany Mahomes Reveals Reasons for Ending Relationship with Andy Reid"

As part of this endeavor, Mahomes has been employing his inventive prowess to execute impressive throws on the field. However, amidst all of his on-field wizardry, Kelce believes there’s one type of pass his teammate won’t risk attempting in a high-stakes game.During a recent episode of the “New Heights” podcast, the eight-time Pro Bowler claimed that Mahomes won’t venture into the territory of a “behind the back” pass during a game of genuine significance.


"Brittany Mahomes Reveals Reasons for Ending Relationship with Andy Reid"

I don’t think it’ll ever happen, the situation that has like it has to be a perfect like instinctual decision like, yeah, there’s only one way I can get this off, and it’s like behind the back. “I mean, there’s no way he’s like pre-meditating before the snap like, all right, this is it, I’m gonna throw this backward pass right here, you know. There’s just no way; it just doesn’t make any sense.”


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