Booty cull: Jennifer Lopez sued for performing ‘almost naked’ in Egypt concert:See Pics

lopez on stage


Samir Sabri is notorious for targeting celebrities for allegedly insulting Egyptian values and the country’s President Sisi.


His latest target is American pop superstar Jennifer Lopez.An infamous Egyptian lawyer has filed a lawsuit against pop star Jennifer Lopez for appearing “naked” while in concert in the country, local media reported.


A number of female Egyptian government ministers who attended the El Alamein concert are also being sued by Samir Sabri, a lawyer who has sought jail time for a number of high-profile defendants.


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The lawyer has gained global notoriety over the past few years, most recently for bringing a lawsuit against the BBC for its alleged bias against the government of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.



Sabri and fellow celebrity-bashing lawyer Amro Abdelsalam last year sought a conviction for Egyptian actress Rania Youssef on obscenity charges, in a similar case to the suit Sabri has now brought against J-Lo.Youssef became the target of much public scorn in December after appearing in a partially see-through dress while on the red carpet in Cairo.



Sabri and Abdelsalam accused the actress of “inciting debauchery” by revealing her legs in the incident, which they said “did not meet societal values, traditions and morals”.The lawsuits were later withdrawn after Youssef made a public apology.

lopez on stage


But – while it is likely Egyptian attendees could face public pressure to apologise over their attendance at the concert – it might be more difficult to coax an apology out of Lopez, who has worn similar outfits in concerts across the world.J-Lo appeared for the first time in Egypt on Friday last week in the northern coastal city of El Alamein.



Her appearance in a series of racy outfits on stage riled Sabri, who told Cairo 24 on Sunday he would filed a lawsuit with the Egyptian attorney general over the singer’s “transparent and naked” clothing. The lawyer added that he thought Lopez’s concert taking place just days after a “terrorist attack” in Cairo had been “inappropriate”. A car bombing outside the Egyptian capital’s main cancer treatment centre killed 20 last week.



Sabri also took objection to the concert happening during the first ten days of the Islamic month of Dhu al-Hijjah, considered to be some of the most sacred in the lunar year. Lopez also faced controversy in Egypt for appearing in concert in Israel.



Some fans called for the cancellation of her El Alamein show after J-Lo arrived in Tel Aviv and said on social media: “The motherland Israel!!! First time here. I’m in love!” BDS Egypt said in a statement last week that the American singer had shown “clear support for the state of occupation and its racist policies towards Palestinians”.


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“This concert will take place after her previous concert in occupied Palestine days ago, which she insisted on carrying out despite many calls to boycott Israel and cancel the concert,” the group said.



Sabry has also previously sued TV presenter Mohamed al-Gheity for “inciting debauchery and promoting homosexuality” after he interviewed a gay man, actor Khaled Abol Naga for criticising Sisi’s human rights record, singer Shirine for “insulting Egypt” after suggesting the country does not respect free speech, and actor Amr Waked for “insulting Egypt’s military”.



“Anyone who slanders his president, state institutions and security is not a man — he is a homosexual,” the lawyer said in reference to Abol Naga.



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