Bengals star Joe Burrow joins exclusive QB club with feat not even Patrick Mahomes accomplished

Joe Burrow joins exclusive

When talking about the best QBs among the current generation, Patrick Mahomes often comes to mind immediately. However, Joe Burrow is starting to make his case for that honor as well.After leading the Bengals to the 27-10 win over the Buffalo Bills in the Divisional Round on Sunday, Burrow made history as just the third starting quarterback to win at least five playoff games in their first three seasons, per ESPN Stats & Info. Russell Wilson and Ben Roethlisberger were the only other quarterbacks to do so, putting the 26-yera-old in elite company.



Joe Burrow Accomplishes Amazing Feat in Cincinnati Bengals Win



Making things even better, Burrow is also only the fifth quarterback in the Super Bowl era to win all his first three playoff road starts. The Bengals visited the Bills in their stadium on Sunday and made sure the home team wouldn’t be able to put up a fight.




KC Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes tells Joe Burrow and Bengals “Go win it all” -  Cincy Jungle



Joe Burrow, who is just in his third year in the NFL with the Bengals, made his first trip to the playoffs last season and led the team to the Super Bowl, only losing to the Los Angeles Chargers in the finale. With two victories so far this postseason, he has undoubtedly proven to have that winning mentality.


For comparison, Patrick Mahomes made the playoffs in his first three years with the Kansas City Chiefs as well–even winning the Super Bowl in his third year in 2019. Nonetheless, at that point, Mahomes only had four wins, having lost his first playoff game in 2017 and winning just one in 2018. They won all of their three games en route to the Super Bowl title in 2019.


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