As Gymnastics Queen Simone Biles Finds Herself ‘Embarrassed’, Husband Jonathan Owens Chimes In With Humor From Afar

Queen Simone Biles Finds Herself ‘Embarrassed

Engrossed in their sports, the athletic pair Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens engaged in an adorable chat. The gorgeous couple just got married in April and ever since then, they often give glimpses of their life together. However, the pair are scrambling to find time to support one another as their careers speed into full gear. Since the Green Bay Packers safety plays in Wisconsin, Biles is finding it tough to travel amid winter blues.
Only a few days after she expressed her dilemma amid her practice schedule ahead of the US Classic on August 5.





All of this transpired when Biles engaged in an Instagram Q&A while preoccupied with her Nationals participation. Owens, who will be playing in the next NFL playoffs distant from home, stepped in to calm his lady love recently taking charge.





The gymnast and football player duo recently engaged in a cute chat on the Thread app. Biles posted a thought that read, “parallel parking is so embarrassing.” Her 512K followers quickly jumped in to react to her feelings, the post received 3116 likes and 225 comments in no time. Among the comments, her husband’s reply caught attention which said, “imma get you right baby!!!” with three laughing emojis.

The pair are only growing older and enjoying their companionship not being afraid to express their playful side in public. What do you think of this Owens save? Was it a Batman save or a promise that I’ve got your back? Regardless, the affection is admirable. With the start of the NFL season, the Green Bay Packers defensive line is eyeing this year’s Vince Lombardi Trophy, while Owens is doing what he does best, reading between the lines can be left to their fans.


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