Are you gonna fix the ring? – Travis Kelce insists he ‘doesn’t give a s***’ about Chiefs’ embarrassing $40,000 Super Bowl ring typo: ‘GET A LIFE!, It makes it more exclusive’

Travis Kelce with Super Bowl Ring


Travis Kelce revealed he isn’t phased about a major typo on his $40,000 diamond and ruby-encrusted Super Bowl LVIII ring.


Travis Kelce with Super Bowl Ring

Kansas City Chiefs fans were quick to point out that the team’s flashy new bling, which they were presented with at a ceremony last week, featured an error.

On the interior of the rings, the Miami Dolphins were incorrectly listed as the seventh seed instead of the sixth.

However, Kelce, who is a back-to-back Super Bowl champ following the Chiefs’ victory over the San Francisco 49ers in February, said he’s not bothered.

‘One major little goof on the ring, Miami is listed as the seventh seed because it has all of the games you guys had to win to get there. Miami was actually the sixth seed. I guess that’s just the way the ring is. Like, nobody’s gonna… are you gonna get it fixed?’ Travis’ brother, Jason Kelce, said on Wednesday’s episode of their New Heights podcast.

‘I don’t give a s***,’ Travis replied, as Jason asked, ‘Does anybody care?’

‘I like it that we didn’t give a f*** about what seed Miami is. They were the seventh. Who cares? They could’ve done no seeds on the side of them. I would’ve been fine,’ he went on.

‘I think it makes it more unique. Like, “Oh, yeah, we made it really detailed, and, oops, we screwed up,”‘ the tight end added, suggesting that it ‘makes it more exclusive.’

‘We screwed up about something that means nothing.’

The retired Philadelphia Eagles star then asked his younger brother which of his three championship rings was his ‘favorite.’

‘I mean, this one’s pretty damn cool,’ he said of the newest ring in his collection.

‘This one has … it’s massive. It has, like, the shape of the oval of the football with just diamonds going around it. It feels like a championship ring when you look at it. It’s like, “Damn, that thing feels and looks like a championship ring.”‘

However, he conceded that the ring he received in 2023 after the Chiefs beat the Cincinnati Bengals 23-20 was his ‘favorite one.’

‘The top of the ring comes off and it has a clasp that you can wear it in different ways,’ he said.

The Catching Kelce alum also explained that if he ever wore one of the extravagant jewelry pieces out of the house, he ‘would probably wear that clasp on a necklace.’

This year’s ring, which was made by Jostens, contains 529 diamonds apiece — 505 round diamonds, 19 baguette diamonds and five marquise diamonds — along with 38 rubies in the team’s signature color

The team explained that the ring is highly symbolic, starting with the interlocking arrowhead logo made from 16 custom-cut rubies to represent the 16 division titles in franchise history.

The word ‘world’ features 39 diamonds to represent the number of touchdowns the team scored last season, while the corresponding word ‘champions’ contains 70 diamonds to represent the points scored in the Chiefs’ three AFC playoff wins.

The underside of the ring also features a diagram of the game-winning play that saw the Chiefs defeat the 49ers in overtime earlier this year.