Angry Shakira chooses not to react to Jennifer Lopez’s marriage to Ben Affleck



Shakira is still mad at Jennifer Lopez over the latter’s remarks about their Super Bowl Half Time performance.



The “Waka Waka” singer has avoided using her social media accounts to publicaly congratulate Jennifer Lopez on her wedding to Ben Affleck.

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Shakira, who recently sperated from het longtime partner Jerard Pique, did not care to even press the like button on Lopez’s Instagram post about her wedding.In a recently released documentary, Jennifer Lopez’s ranted about not being allowed to perform solo at the Super Bowl Half Time.



Although, the “On The Floor’ singer did not criticize Shakira, she received criticism for saying that their Super Bowl collaboration was the “worst idea”.



Shakira seemed to enjoy sharing the stage with Jennifer Lopez, without realizing that Lopez was angry. The “Waka Waka” singer’s fans spoke up for her on social media but she avoided discussing the issue publicaly.



Some of her fans believe that she might not have reacted to Jennifer’s remarks because of her separation with her partner Jerard Pique, she would soon give a tit-for -tat response.



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