American Sports Commentator Skip Bayless Calls for BAN on Taylor Swift Attending NFL Games Next Season Amid Her Romance with Travis Kelce: ‘She’s a HUGE Distraction and Will Be the Chiefs’ Downfall because… Read More’

Skip Bayless and Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift


Skip Bayless, a well-known American sports commentator, has sparked controversy with his recent comments regarding pop superstar Taylor Swift and her impact on the NFL.


Skip Bayless

Bayless took to social media following the Kansas City Chiefs’ unexpected loss to the Las Vegas Raiders on Christmas Day, accusing Swift of being a “distraction” that could potentially derail the Chiefs’ season.

The Chiefs, who were favored to win the game, suffered a disappointing 20-14 defeat at Arrowhead Stadium.

The loss prompted Bayless to question the presence of Swift, who is romantically involved with Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce. “Feels like it’s about time to call Taylor Swift a distraction,” Bayless posted on X (formerly Twitter). “What do you think, Patrick? Andy? How about you, Travis?”

Bayless’s comments come after a game where cameras frequently focused on Swift in the stands. She was seen cheering for the Chiefs alongside Patrick Mahomes’ wife, Brittany, both wearing matching red Santa hats with “87” and “15” in reference to their partners’ jersey numbers. Despite their support, the game was rough for the Chiefs, with key players like Kelce and Mahomes not performing up to their usual standards.

At one point, Kelce was visibly frustrated, angrily tossing his helmet to the ground, an action that Mahomes and Coach Andy Reid tried to address.

As the game progressed, it became clear that the Chiefs were struggling. Mahomes has had a challenging season, falling below 250 passing yards in seven games, compared to just five games last season.

Kelce’s performance has also declined, with 968 yards for five touchdowns over 117 targets in 14 games this year, down from 1,144 yards for 12 touchdowns across 127 targets in the same number of games last season.

Bayless’s assertion that Swift is to blame for these struggles has left many fans and analysts puzzled. The connection between a player’s significant other and their on-field performance is often rooted in superstition rather than concrete evidence. However, Bayless’s call for a ban on Swift attending games next season has ignited a heated debate.

Swift has been a constant presence at Chiefs games this season, supporting Kelce and the team. Her involvement in the NFL has brought a new level of attention to the league, with many fans enjoying the crossover of pop culture and sports. However, Bayless argues that her presence is a distraction, particularly for Kelce and Mahomes, who are key players for the Chiefs.

The backlash to Bayless’s comments has been swift, with many fans defending Swift and questioning the validity of his claims. Swift’s supporters argue that she has every right to attend games and support her partner, just like any other fan. They also point out that blaming a team’s performance on one individual’s presence in the stands is both unfair and unfounded.

As the Chiefs look to bounce back from their Christmas Day defeat and prepare for the upcoming season, the debate over Swift’s impact on the team is likely to continue. For now, the focus remains on the players and their performance on the field. Whether or not Bayless’s comments will influence the team’s decisions regarding Swift’s attendance at games next season remains to be seen. What is clear, however, is that the intersection of sports and pop culture will continue to be a topic of interest and discussion among fans and commentators alike.