After Patrick Mahomes Las Vegas Showdown, Mother of Two Brittany Loses Her Cool Over Fireworks at 11:30

After Patrick Mahomes Las Vegas Showdown, Mother of Two Brittany Loses Her Cool Over Fireworks at 11:30

Brittany Mahomes is back in Kansas City. Mahomes just returned from her trip to Las Vegas with her children to attend the Match Tournament, in which Patrick Mahomes secured a 3 & 2 victory over Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, the Golden Warriors alongside his fellow teammate Travis Kelce. The entire family was basking in the victory as Brittany shared the photos of the afterparty and her night out in Vegas showing off her stunning looks, soaking in the vibes of Sin City.





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She could not help but roll her eyes at the fireworks during the late hours, as part of the celebrations of the upcoming Independence Day, when she was finally about to catch some shut-eye.The 27-year-old who is the mother of two small children, Sterling Skye, 2, and Bronze, 6 months, was understandably right as the loud blasts made it super hard to put the little ones to sleep.




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The sentiment was easily understood by the mamas out there, reflected by the comments on her tweet.
Mamas got Brittany’s back

Many mams rallied to the comments section in solidarity with Brittany.

Can’t get mine to bed at the moment for that very same reason, a mom said.

‘That’s when you know we have officially transitioned to the era of moms who don’t want the kids woken up I knowwwwww.”, a user hilariously acknowledged the universal experience of being a parent.



Man when my kids were babies I was so mad, Another comment validated Brittany’s feelings.It sucks if you have babies both human and fur, tweeted another user.

The frustration was not just felt by parents, but by all who wanted some peaceful undisturbed sleep.


I agree!!! No babies here but dang I want to go to sleep, a comment read.Given the Independence Day celebrations will continue till July 4, Mama Brittany is going to have a hard time catching some Z’s.


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