Aaron Rodgers escapes unscathed following pinky-toe incident

Aaron Rodgers escapes

The New York Jets avoided near disaster Saturday after a defender had a close encounter with the pinky toe of star quarterback Aaron Rodgers.



Aaron Rodgers escapes unscathed following pinky-toe incident





According to Jets reporter Ethan Greenberg, second-year linebacker Jermaine Johnson made “unintended” contact with Rodgers during a non-padded workout, nearly injuring the toe that goes wee wee wee all the way home.







Rodgers gave way to backup Zach Wilson for a “few plays,” no doubt contemplating his brush with disaster. Ultimately, Rodgers returned to practice.

After the season flashed before the Jets’ eyes, head coach Robert Saleh reiterated the team’s goal of avoiding the men in the red jerseys, especially Rodgers.

“Every player knows how important those quarterbacks are, but stay up, stay off them,” Saleh said. “It goes without saying, but you’re always going to try to make it a point of emphasis.”

Kidding aside, the health of Rodgers is paramount for the Jets as their season likely depends on the future Hall of Famer being able to stand upright. An injury to the 39-year-old would no doubt devastate the Jets’ psyche.

With Rodgers in tow, the Jets have gone from afterthought to potential Super Bowl contender, and so far, Rodgers is doing and saying all the right things.

Recently, Rodgers revealed his partnership with the Jets would last beyond 2023, easing worries that his time in New York might be as brief as one season.

Meanwhile, Rodgers has also delivered rousing motivational speeches, offering veteran advice to his new teammates and sharing high hopes for Wilson, the Jets’ much-maligned No. 2 quarterback.


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